Sunday, October 22, 2017

what is microsoft word-what is microsoft word used for

Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word

MS-word is a full featured word processing program which can be used for any work involving creating and managing text you can use for the simplest to the most complex word processing applications. Using word, you can write letters and reports, prepare bills and invoices prepare office stationary letterheads, envelops and form, design broachers, palm plates, newsletter   Etc.(By: sunjay saxena & Prubhpreet Chopra )


A word Processing software provides a set of tools for entering editing and formatting text the documents can be any type and can be created in any word processor. It is software that process textual matter and creates organized and appealing documents it has everything that a conventional typewriter has, in addition to having a plethora of other useful features.

Microsoft  office word help you produce professional looking documents by providing a comprehensive set of tools for creating and formatting your document in a new interface. Rich review, commenting, and compassion capabilities help you quickly gather and manage feedback advance data integration and sure that documents stay connected   important sources of business information.(By :Ramesh Bangia)


Microsoft Word is word processing software that allows users to create and edit text documents. Users can start with blank documents or work from pre-configured templates for projects with frequently used formats. Microsoft Word is often packaged with the Microsoft Office Suite, but it is also sold independently.

Advantages of Ms Word

  1.         You can edit the whole a part of a document.
  2.         You can easily type text.
  3.         The Document can be Save and retrieve as and when recurred.
  4.         The text can be manipulated in any form or settle with the help of formatting featured.
  5.         You can check Rectify spellings as well as grammatical errors.
  6.          It provides you with the facility of mail merge that it is enable you to print a large Numbers of letters to be sent the different people.

How to Open MSWord (use of MS-Word)

To start MS word click once on the start button chose programe and click once on Microsoft office and then once on Microsoft word .

Open Msword Step By step

(1)Start Button       (2)     All program                (3) Microsoft Office        (5)    Microsoft Word


(1)Press Window Key+R

(2) Run Box will Appear 

(3) Type Winword .

(4) Click Enter  button to open Microsoft word.

When you open Microsoft office word the first screen 

which you see is below.